What should I expect during my reiki session?

For an in-person session, wear comfortable clothing. You’ll be lying down, fully clothed on a treatment table. I will either work hands on or hands off – never touching anywhere inappropriate. If you prefer hands off, please let me know before we start. If at any point you need to readjust to get comfortable, please let me know.  The point of the session to let go, release and relax. There will be little to no talking during the session and that is because I am focusing channeling the healing energy to you.

During your session you may feel hot or cold, fall asleep, a surge of energy, happiness, overwhelming urge to cry, pain, numbness, etc. And you may feel nothing at all.  Reiki works for highest good. Let the feeling and sensations come as they are coming up because they are what is needed at that time.

Once the session is over, if you have fallen asleep I will gently wake you up, give you a moment to take it all in and gather your thoughts and we can discuss what you felt, or if you prefer not to, that is ok too.  Make sure you take it easy afterwards and drink plenty of water.

For a distance reiki, again make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and find a comfortable place to lie down. I do not necessarily need to see you in our zoom call.  The energy that I will be directing to you will flow to where it needs to go. And once our session is over, again, take it easy and drink plenty of water.

You may also want to journey about what you experienced and how you felt before, during and after our sessions.

How does animal reiki work?

The same way it works for humans! If the animal is ok with me touching them, I will proceed that way.  If they are a little uneasy about a stranger touching them, I can still perform reiki from a distance – in the same room as your animal or via zoom.  Your animal may not sit still for very long and that’s ok too. They will still get the benefits of reiki.

How often to I should I schedule reiki sessions?

That all depends on you.  You may feel one session did the trick. You may also want to schedule once a year/month/week.  You can’t overdo it with Reiki. Most people find that reiki is their stress management relaxation time. Much like some people have a spa day, you can do a reiki session.

Does Reiki replace or can reiki interfere with traditional medicine practices/therapies?

It can be used in tandem with traditional medicine and therapies. But never replaces it.

Is Reiki covered by insurance?

Unfortunately not at this time. Most insurance companies do not cover reiki.  

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.